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Mate Colby Has Left The Building

Colby, AKA “Cheese”, AKA “Marv” has returned to Southern Mississippi University to continue his studies in how to be a white collar criminal.

It was through chance that Colby came to us in late June originally to be a substitute mate. With Irish Dave unavailable, Colby quickly became my “go-to” guy. He absolutely stunk at many aspects of the job and still does. We will work on that at the beginning of next season. Unless his step-sister Logan proves better in her training this Fall and I kick him to the curb 😉.

One thing that quickly stood out about Colby was his ability to roll with the punches. Specifically, my never-ending teasing and taunting. One trip in particular stands out. Late June, client “Flare Guy” and I agreed in advance of a trip that we were going to ride him for three hours. By the end of the trip he was practically flinching whenever one of us opened our mouths. I was in stitches.

But a few things quickly stood out about Colby. What he lacked in “technical skills” he made up for by being a very quick learner. I considered him somewhat competent by the end of July. He also brought great enthusiasm every day. I also noted his ambition. I couldn’t turn my back without him jumping in my chair and wanting to be in charge or run the boat. It was annoying but also kinda endearing. We will work on getting his captain’s license by next year.

But what was most important to me was just how great he was interacting with and helping our clients, especially the kids. I mean, little kids just love him. I told him, “It’s because they recognize you as one of their own.” 😊 I think his manner and ability to relate as more of a “big brother” than the authority figure captain led to kids learning the basics of fishing more quickly which enhanced their experience. I couldn’t have been happier with this and so were the adults.

(Be sure to click on photos for captions)

But I think a couple of our clients said it better than me.

“Special shout out to Colby, who took our five-year-old under his wing and stayed by his side all afternoon.”

- Kelly G.

“Now there’s another memorable young man. We’re not done with him yet ,wish him well for me. Please ,next season will be here before he knows it. You straight up let him know he’s part of the chemistry why we want to be back on your boat as much as possible.”

- Michael Q.

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