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About the Crew

Captains are licensed by the United States Coast Guard and members of the American Professional Captains Association. 

Mighty Heron Charters is owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Miss Debwa and Capt. Mike. (Capt. Mike punched above his weight when Miss Debwa agreed to marry him).

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Captain Mike

Captain Mike is the primary guide, and along with his wife, Miss Deb, co-owner of Mighty Heron Charters.


Capt. Mike (USCG Lic. #2759396) has been fishing the waters around Ocean City - from the back creeks to the canyons - for over 45 years. Sure, catching the big ones is a passion but he is just as happy when he helps a kid catch their first fish and they break out in their happy dance.


He loves Philly sports teams and Chelsea F.C. He can sometimes be found trying to strike up a friendship with birds or staring at a tree for hours. His favorite past-time is being criticized by Capt. Gene. 

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Capt. Gene  - Captain Emeritus

Captain Gene is Captain Mike’s dad. Think of him as our pit-crew chief.  He has been fishing the waters of South Jersey for over 60 years. He has held a USCG Captain License for over 20 years. He is an avid outdoorsman and expert light tackle angler. His favorite past time is criticizing Capt. Mike.

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Captain Greg H.

“Captain Greg runs the show a couple of days a week so Capt. Mike can get a break. Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you. Greg is an accomplished angler - with a specialty in offshore big game - and an experienced boat operator. This is his second season with Mighty Heron Charters,


Greg is going into his freshman year at West Chester University. He is a huge fan of K-pop, especially BTS ;-) “

Deb and Mike BIO (2).jpg

Colby - Chief Mate

Colby is a graduate of Ocean City High School, where he played quarterback (yeh, he's all that). He is a rising junior at the University of Southern Mississippi, where he majors in white collar crime (finance). He claims to be a scratch golfer. He is an excellent fishing mate and is getting better at helping to keep the boat clean ;-) Just as importantly, he is friendly and helpful and kids just love him.


Logan M., Mate

Logan is in her second season as a mate.  She is a rising Senior at Ocean City High School, where she is the reputed leader of the “Mean Girls” clique.  She also curses like an early 19th century British Man ‘O War sailor. OK, in reality she is super-awesome and does a great job of assisting clients with all things related to fishing.

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