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Burial At Sea

Burial at sea Ocean City Sunset

Embark on a Memorable Burial at Sea Journey with Mighty Heron Charters

Offered April - November, Mighty Heron Charters provides burial at sea services, dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of families of all faiths with care and respect. We pride ourselves on supporting the family with the best customer service providing a positive experience during a challenging and emotional time.

Attended Burial / Ashes Spreading at Sea:

You and your party of up to 5 other people will begin your voyage at the marina that is only 5 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean. Federal regulations require that we travel 3 miles off the coast for the ceremony. Upon request we can carry you to off of a specific beach or point of interest between Atlantic City and Corsons Inlet. Upon arrival, spend a time of reflection and memories, celebrating your loved one. After your ceremony, we will take a slow circle around the site. While returning to the marina, you can take a leisurely voyage along the beach or behind Ocean City or Longport. We suggest a water soluble urn but it is not required. As part of our commitment to you, we will complete the necessary required report with the EPA and provide you with a certificate of burial that includes detailed information such as the latitude, longitude, depth, and distance from shore.

Unattended Burial / Ash Spreading at Sea:

For families unable to personally attend a sea scattering service, Mighty Heron Charters offers an alternative. Our Captain will conduct a dignified ashes scattering and burial at sea on your behalf and will perform a reading if you prefer. This option ensures your loved one is laid to rest in a manner befitting their memory. We can document the scattering with digital photography at no additional cost. We also offer the option for you to remotely participate through video-conferencing or FaceTime, allowing you to be present in spirit during this significant moment.

Contact Us Today:

Attended scatterings are $450 for up to 6 people and 2 hours and unattended is $350. For any inquiries to discuss our burial at sea services, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Mighty Heron Charters is dedicated to accommodating your specific wishes. Experience the tranquility of the open sea and the closure that a burial at sea can bring with Mighty Heron Charters.


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