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Fishing Charters

Scroll through to see all offered bay, inshore ocean, deep sea, and offshore sportfishing trips.

All offered charters are private. A private charter means that a single party hired the crew & boat for their own use. There will be no other parties on board. See bottom of page for additional information regarding seasons and specie availability.

A group of anglers posing with many striped bass after a day of fishing off of Atlantic City
A group of friends posing with their catch after a deep sea Fishing Charter
A family posing with flounder after an inshore ocean trip to the Ocean City, NJ reef
A fiserman posing with a tuna caught on an Offshore Sportfishing Charter
A family poses after a fishing adventure on the bay of Ocean City, NJ

Fall Sea Bass Trip

Oct. 7th-Oct. 26th, Nov. 1st- Dec. 31st

6 hours starting at $625 for up to 3 people

8  hours starting at $825 for up to 3 people

Each additional person after 3 is $25


Action and a shot at a pile of filets is the name of the game for these tasty fighters. Sea Bass fishing off South Jersey has been very good for several years and we see no reason why it won't be this year. We fish over known to be productive reefs and wrecks. 

The 2022 Fall Sea Bass season will be October 7th through October 26th, with a 10 fish per person bag limit, at 13 inches. The season then reopens November 1st through December 31st, with a 15 fish per person bag limit, at 13 inches. 


Child friendly? We believe parents are the best judge of their kids’ readiness to go on the ocean. We recommend age 10+ but leave that decision up to you.


6 hour trips will go out approximately 15-20 miles

8 hour trips will go out to approximately 30 miles

Half Day Inshore Fishing 

June until mid - October

5 hours Starting at $450 for up to 3 people 

Each additional person after 3 is $25

Each additional hour is $50

A young man holding a fluke he caught at the great egg reef
A bluefish caught while trolling in the ocean off Ocean City, NJ

We will fish reefs and wrecks along the NJ shoreline out to about 15 miles from shore. We will fish for Flounder (Fluke), Bluefish, Sea Bass, Trigger Fish, Porgies/Scup Weak Fish (Sea Trout). From mid – Summer until mid – Fall we can incorporate snag and drop or trolling for coastal sharks, Cobia or a variety of small tunas or mackerels.


2 Half Day 5-hour ocean trip starting times are available:

  • 7:00AM

  • 1:00PM


Morning trip has option to start as early as 5:30AM. 

Kid Friendly? We believe parents are the best judge of their kid’s readiness to go on the ocean. We recommend age 8+ but leave it up to you.

Back Bay Fishing

May 2nd - October 1st

3 hours starting at $350 for 3 people 

Each additional person after 3 is $25

Each additional hour is $50

A young lady holdinga flounder she caught in the bay
A family posing with fluke they caught in the bay

We will fish for Flounder, Sea Bass, Weakfish, Blue Fish, Kingfish, Sea Robin, Sand Sharks, and other fish.

Motion sickness is very rare.

4 back bay starting times are available from:

  •   8:00AM - 11:00AM

  •  12:00PM - 3:00PM

  •  5:30 PM - 8:30PM

  •  4:00PM - 7:00PM

These start times are for general guidance. We will try to work with you for other start times. First trip of morning has option to start as early as 6:30AM. 5-hour morning trips begin at 6:30 am.

Offshore Sportfishing Charters

Late June until Mid - October

$1,900 for a 12-15 hour canyon run 

$1,500 for a 10 - 12 hour trip to the 20 fathom curve

$2,500 for 20 hour overnight 

Two young men holding mahi they caught while jigging
A wahoo caught at the Wimington Canyon being weighed at tackle shop

We will troll, chunk, or jig for tunas such as Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Bigeye and/or Mahi and Wahoo. Don’t count out Marlin. Love to hear that big reel scream.

In June we chase Bluefin and later in the month Mahi. As the Summer progresses and the water warms up, we catch “football tunas” along with Mahi and Wahoo.

Depending on conditions we leave as early as 2:00AM but generally around 3:00AM. Age 12+ strongly recommended.


Family Fishing Adventure 

May 15th – September 15th 

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday - Saturday

Evenings 5:30pm  

Starting at $250 for 2 hours for up to 4 people

Each additional person after 4 is $25

A young girl posing with a flounder she caught in the bay
a toddler smiling holding a fish

This trip is very popular for families with younger children. They find 2 hours to be “just right” for introducing the young ones to fishing or being on a boat. Our marina is minutes from productive fishing grounds so we can maximize time with “lines in”. We have rods and reels that are designed for smaller hands.

We take great pride in helping and coaching kids.

This trip is also good for “big kids” with limited time.

Up the River Fishing Trips

Perfect for all ages.

Offered in April 15th- June 1st and then September 10th - December

$350 3 Hours (1-3 people) +$25 Each additional person . +$50 Each additional hour.

a white perch caught in a river
A man holding striped bass

Smooth calm waters are the norm for this trip. We head up the Great Egg Harbor River complex and target a variety of species. In April and May, we can target large stripers, White Perch, and catfish. September-December is for “schoolie” Stripers, White Perch and Catfish. 

Night trips available for Striped Bass approximately from April 15th – June 1st. Call for details.

Striped Bass

Ocean: November - December

  • 4 hour trips are $500

  • 6 hour trips are $750  

  • 8 hour trips are $975

  • 3 hour afternoon/dusk trips are available starting November 15th. Call for details. 

Two men celebrate catching a striped bass

For the past several years, stripers have not shown up in our area in any great numbers until around Thanksgiving. For 2021, the heart of the run was about from late November until early January. We check reports and run self-prospecting trips before offering to clients to assure a reasonable chance to find the big ones. Yes, we have bonus tags. These are trolling and/or jigging trips. We prefer jigging :-) 


We recommend the 8-hour option as we can run as far as Long Beach Island or Wildwood.


A note from Capt. Mike – 

I have been seriously pursuing Stripers up and down the East Coast for 30 years. The Fall of 2021 run of LARGE Stripers off South Jersey was unlike anything I have ever seen. It was historic. Let’s hope for a repeat in 2022.

Ages 10+ recommended 

Deep Sea Tog/Blackfish 

Fall 2022 season starts Nov. 16th

7 hours is $750

an angler holding a tog caught at the Ocean City reef

The 5 fish per an angler season will start November 16th, 2022 and runs until the end of the year.

We double anchor.

Green crabs and, if available, white leg crabs are provided.

"Toggin can take a little practice to get the hang of hooking them and wrestling out of their hiding spot.

It's a lot of fun. We do not recommend this trip for younger anglers with limited or no experience.

Child Friendly? We believe parents are the best judge of their kids’ readiness to go on the ocean. We recommend age 10+ for this trip but leave that decision up to you.

By regulation, we are limited to 6 passengers. New Jersey saltwater fishing is seasonal due to fish migration patterns and regulations. If you are not sure what specie might be available at any time of the year, or you want to target a particular type of fish, such as flounder, bluefish, tog, striped bass, or tuna please call us with any question and we will let you know what is currently available or when we will be targeting the specie you have in mind.

Mates work hard and for tips.  A 15 - 20% gratuity is appropriate. 

All bait and tackle provided. License (permit) is covered by the boat. No individual license required.

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