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Cruises and Wildlife Tours

Scroll through to see all offered cruises, dolphin tours, bird watching excursions, and whale watching trips.

Ladies enjoying a cruise on the Egg Harbor River
Dolphins sighted off the coast of Ocean City New Jersey
Bird 1 (2)_edited.jpg
A boat on the bay behind Ocean City at sunset
Pilot whales in the ocean off the coast of Atlantic City

Cruise - Bay, Ocean, or River 

May 1st – October 1st
2 hours $275. Up to 6 people. Each additional hour $50.

Sunsets on the bay or river can be beautiful or go on the ocean as the lights of the boardwalk begin to shine. Bring a platter of hoagies and BYOB aboard our spacious and quiet vessel. "Plug" your music into our premium sound system.  

Dolphin Tour

June 15th – October 1st
3 hours $350. Up to 6 people. Each additional hour is $50

Bottlenose dolphins begin to show up off of New Jersey in April but the large pods usually arrive in the middle of June. We rarely need to go more than two miles off the beach. They are just plain fun to watch.

Whale Watching – Ocean (Up to 25 miles offshore)

Usually begins around Mid-October – December.

4 hours $450 Up to 6 people. Each additional hour is $50

Call for more information.

Usually begins around Mid-October – December. Call for more information.

4 hours $450 Up to 6 people. Each additional hour is $50

Near-Coastal whale sightings have become common in recent years during November and December.

This trip is only made available after we have sighted whales ourselves or have credible reports of
whales in the area. Click here to sign-up for our whale watching alert email list to stay informed about when the whales show-up.

Bird Watching

April 15 – December 20. 
3 hours $375 for up to 6 people. Each additional hour is $50

James Audobon said,  "Except for the Florida Keys, Great Egg Harbor probably affords the naturalist as varied a field as any part of our Atlantic seaboard." We agree. In fact Audubon painted several of his famous watercolors from birds he found along the Egg Harbor River and Bay. Already an enthusiastic amateur naturalist, Capt. Mike is currently completing course work through the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology for shore bird identification. 

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