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Cruises and Wildlife Tours

Scroll through to see all offered cruises, dolphin tours, bird watching excursions, and whale watching trips.

Ladies enjoying a cruise on the Egg Harbor River
Dolphins sighted off the coast of Ocean City New Jersey
Bird 1 (2)_edited.jpg
A boat on the bay behind Ocean City at sunset
Pilot whales in the ocean off the coast of Atlantic City

Cruise - Bay, Ocean, or River 

May 1st – October 1st
2 hours $275. Up to 6 people. Each additional hour $50.

Sunsets on the bay or river can be beautiful or go on the ocean as the lights of the boardwalk begin to shine. Bring a platter of hoagies and BYOB aboard our spacious and quiet vessel. "Plug" your music into our premium sound system.  

Dolphin Tour

June 15th – October 1st
3 hours $350. Up to 6 people. Each additional hour is $50

Bottlenose dolphins begin to show up off of New Jersey in April but the large pods usually arrive in the middle of June. We rarely need to go more than two miles off the beach. They are just plain fun to watch.

Whale Watching – Ocean (Up to 25 miles offshore)

Usually begins around Mid-October – December.

4 hours $450 Up to 6 people. Each additional hour is $50

Call for more information.

The Great Egg Harbor River and Bay estuary is recognized as a premier birding location. Great Egg Harbor (and thus the river) got its name from Dutch explorer Cornelius Jacobsen Mey. In 1614, Mey came upon the inlet to the Great Egg Harbor River. The meadows were so covered with shorebird and waterfowl eggs that he called it Eyren Haven/ Egg Harbor. Today, the National Park Service considers it one of the top 10 places in North America for birding.

There are a wide variety of shore/wading, waterfowl and raptors to be spotted along the bay and river from late Spring – late Summer. Observing our local colony of Black Skimmers and Osprey tending to their young at their nests is popular.


  • Bald Eagles are sighted up the river.

  • Dolphin sightings are common in the ocean from June – October.

  • On the ocean from Mid-October until Late December, we see pelagic birds on the ocean such as Gannets, Bonaparte’s Gull, and a wide variety of sea ducks/waterfowl.

Burial at Sea

April 1 – December 20. Call for more information.
3 hours $300 Up to 6 people. Each additional hour is $50

We carry your party in a dignified and respectful manner. 

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